Dr. Cheung’s office is Friendly, Efficient and Welcoming. Dr. Cheung and her staff are very Personable, Caring and Definitely Patient Oriented. The office is nicely decorated and soothing.

Dr. Cheung is Warm, Very Thorough, and Friendly. She’s an Expert Technician and has a Very Gentle Touch. Her Conservative advice Benefits Patient; major work not pushed unless necessary. Gives Excellent preventative dental advice.

Melody is very Friendly and Efficient. She’s very Customer Oriented. Appreciate her calls as reminder of appointment. Kindly!

Svetlana is very Caring and Gentle. Great Conversationalist, especially upon arrival in chair. Happy! Seems very knowledgeable and works well in partnership with Dr. Cheung.

The office and the services are Excellent! Love the music, fountain, and pictures on the ceiling. I appreciate the Serenity of the office and the Freebies!

Definitely very Patient Oriented…down to the street parking reminders!
Karen Y.
Patient since 1987

What I love about Dr. Cheung’s office is the Personal Service. Everyone is Friendly and wants the Best For Your oral health.

Dr. Cheung has great Technical Skills with an Upbeat Personality. I completely Trust her.

Melody is on the ball and never forgets who you are. She never fails to deliver what you need.

Svetlana is Charming, Soothing and Kind…makes going to the dentist easier.

Dr. Cheung’s office has taught me skills I need for my dental health, which lead to good heart health!
Iris B.
Patient since 1989

Our family and father have been coming to Dr. Cheung since 1989. The staff is Friendly and Appointments are Individual. Dr. Cheung reserves appointment time for your care only.

Dr. Cheung is Extremely Professional and Thorough. She’s a very Gentle Dentist and Conservative in care…”No Extra Charges!”

Melody is very Professional and Knowledgeable. All questions and concerns are promptly addressed.

Svetlana is Professional, Personable, and makes patients feel Comfortable and Well Taken Care Of.
Kathie L.
Patient since 1989

Dr. Cheung’s office is Lovely, Wonderful, and Friendly! Great Service!

Dr. Cheung and her Assistants are Great! The Doctor is very Patient with me, and fixes everything! Everyone is very Accommodating to an old woman (me)!
Norma M.
Patient since 1999

Dr. Cheung’s office is very Friendly. I feel I’m treated as a Friend, not just a customer/patient. I am Very Happy with Dr. Cheung’s office.

Dr. Cheung knows me and my activities. Melody always makes me feel Welcome. Svetlana is interested in making me feel comfortable.
Don W.
Patient since 1999

Dr. Cheung’s office is Efficient with cutting edge technology…and COZY!!

My description of their dental team:

Dr. Cheung- is a Perfectionist
Melody- is Great
Svetlana- is Bubbly
Rachel B.
Patient since 2001

It is always a Pleasure to arrive for an appointment at this office. The office décor sets a Comfortable mood- a working wall fountain, soft music everywhere. There are plenty of Current Magazines available to browse. In the treatment areas there are decorations that a patient can browse along with interesting pictures posted above the dental chair.

Dr. Cheung makes you Comfortable and clearly Goes Over the Procedure scheduled. She is very Pleasant and Open to all Questions. Along the way she will make observations and suggestions on How to Best Maintain your dental health. She is always Alert to Patient Needs.

Melody ensures that all the paperwork is ready for the appointment. She is very Attentive to making reminder calls, receiving and handling calls to make appointments and Working With Patients to process claims and assists with dental insurance questions and needs.

Svetlana is very Professional with taking dental pictures and displaying them on the flat screen computer for both the patient and the Doctor to see during treatment. She provides Professional Assistance to the patient and Dr. Cheung during the dental treatment.
Bob B.
Patient since 2002

Dr Cheung is a caring woman and really professional. She is nice, professional and becomes a friend throughout years. Dr. Cheung's office is great and the staff is really nice and always smiling.
Irina K.
Patient since 2006